Girls: is there a way to show a girl that you arnt to good for her?

Been seeing this girl for a month and she calls me babe and I call her babe. Well, last night we where driving and we where talking about things where both good at, I mention a few like scuba diving, mechanic and what not. She says you are good at so many things, your to good for me, we can't be together. I say yes we can and that's that. She says no you have no day so in this and I say yes I do and yes we can then she stops talking about it. With that said after that talk I met her kids dad for the first time. think she wanted to see what I would say? Or think she was being serious?


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  • She doesn't want to date you, that's clear.

    • Then explain this. After that convo I take her home and her son is there with his dad in the parking lot, she asks me if I wanted to meet him and I do. Then She holds my hand while we walk to her front door and she kisses me good night.

    • She has said no to dating you. Either from commitment issues or she just wants to use you to make the father jealous.

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