Does he like me or should I not invest?

So I met a guy online who lives about an hour by plane from me and it's not that far I guess but I can't really tell if he likes me as he's hard to read. We've been talking a while and he always calls me "babe" and refers to me as "my English bae" and if I'm worried or sad he always sends me really cute messages saying I'm amazing etc. He's the only guy so far that has made me not want my ex. He's told me he likes me and we have almost sent pics but I asked if we were serious and he said "not yet" so does that mean there's hope? He has weird moods where sometimes he's really insecure and doesn't reply, sometimes he's in a really cute jokey mood and other times he's all sentimental and cute. We talk about being one of those cute couples but I don't know if he means it. It is just a guy thing to be like that? I don't wanna invest everything in him if he's not into me as he lives far away so it will be a waste of my time (not in a mean way). He's a great guy and pretty much my dream guy soo what do I do?


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  • I get what he means. He likes you so far. He thinks you're cute and sweet, an I understand when he says "not yet". You guys are chatting online which his cute, but he wants to know YOU. Online chatting is one thing but you can't be serious until you've actually met. Maybe you should meet him. That might be difficult considering you're 14. Just like me. The answer's obvious, he's not sure if he wants to INVEST in you and might think you're not in to him, exactly like you. I think he's thinking the exact things you are. But like i said it's impossible to say you're serious until you've actually met. The next step is to meet up. It might be really worth it. If this IS your dream guy.

    I hopes this helps!!:)
    Arran =D

    • Thankyou xx I mean we say "Love ya lots" and he always says "Love ya more bitch" and the bitch part is an inside joke we have so I think he likes me and I know he's real as he snapchats me but he doesn't ever Skype or wanna Skype and I hate asking so I don't really know how to approach that?

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    • We've been talking almost everyday for almost 2 months

    • You said he was an hour away by plane from, how far are you talking? Also you guys chat together saying stuff kike "Love ya" and not to be harsh but you don't love each other, not yet at least. You can't love unless you've met. You guys just really like each other so far!! But this might mean there could be hope and potential for the relationship to grow!:)
      Like I said before, try to voice chat with and build your way up.


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  • So you met thing guy online? Be cautious. He might be a creeper
    If he's not a creeper though then it sounds likes he is interested. Obviously you can't know if you like someone for sure until you actually meet them and know who they truly are. If you do go to meet up with him bring a parent r guardian (I know that you know this). Good luck though. I hope he truly is your dream guy :)

    • Thankyouu xx I know he's not a creeper as he snapchats me and he send me little vids of his accent as I'm into his accent but he doesn't ever Skype and I hate asking so not sure how to approach that?

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