Kissing before dating someone, is that normal?

This shy guy and I are currently talking and have gotten a bit more comfortable around each other compared to how we were a few months ago. We made out with each other a month after meeting, but it got awkward after because i actually like him and didn't know if he felt the same.

But anyways, he came by the other day and we ended up talking for an hour and it seemed like he wanted to kiss me. He's asked to hang out, but i'm busy with midterms coming up.. but i feel like if we were to hang out, we're going to end up kissing each other.

Is that normal? Does it matter? We have zero dating experience, and i dont want to become some friends with benefit thing. I don't think it will seeing as this guy has stuck around for 5 months.


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  • Yes, it's normal and no, It doesn't matter.

    Forget about all those made up rules and regulations. Go with what feels good and natural.

    • Thank you! And true. I guess I'm just worried that if i do kiss him, ill be used but i dont think that's the case with him.

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  • I don't see why it should matter that you're not officially 'dating'. If you like him, do what feels right. If you want to commence liplock, do it.

    Dating isn't supposed to be ritualized; it's supposed to be fun and natural.

    • That's true. I'm just really inexperienced and come from a strict, traditional family so i guess kissing before dating someone is out of context from my family's view. But yeah, maybe i'll just relax and go with the flow, especially if we share the same feelings.

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    • I know. It's just like a completely foreign thing for me to do. It's weird expressing myself, let alone feelings for a guy! We're both shy, and it seems like we both hold back when we're together. I wouldn't even know how to bring it up or tell him to be honest. I mean maybe if i just kiss him, but knowing me i'd royally screw that up.

    • You've already made out. If he's giving you the signals you've described, he's probably waiting for round 2.

  • yeah thats pretty normal. its just kissing. but it sounds like you are both into each other so why can't you just be "dating"

    • We're shy and we both kind of hold back. Like when he came over a few days ago, we sat a part from each other and then as the hour progressed he moved closer to me and our knees were touching. But no move was made even though there was a lot of good body language being expressed haha. But if we were to kiss when we hang out, and how do i even bring up the topic of dating?

    • maybe sounds corny but just ask if he wants to be your boyfriend. being comfortable will come with the more time you spend together

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  • I kissed my significant other before we were a couple. I did not make out with him or anything and it was just once. This is basically how I told him I liked him as more than a friend.