Males: shy girls or bold girls?

There is no mixture. Choose one.


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  • Bold girl who fails spectacularly in a funny way but will do it again and again till she makes it I say.

    • Fails with you or in general?

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    • @Kalinda
      lol NO.
      Not SPECIFICALLY for me lol
      I meant as in life in general.

      Like she actually GOES for things she want. Not go.. ohhhhh I'll will never make it. Ohhh... that's beyond me.

      FUCK THEM.
      FUCK THEM RIght in. the oh wait.

      I want someone with a bit of FIGHT in her , a FIRE..
      Hot but not scalding.
      Sharp but not abrasive.

      Someone who live by this song I suppose lol

    • Ok got it:))

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  • Shy girls.

  • shy girls, they seem more loyal

    • Bc having courage makes you untrustworthy... ?

    • No, ususally shy girls seem less confident than those bold girls

      And therefore they will have more confidence

      They think they can get another guy if the first guy dumps her

      So she goes around trying to find another

      Unlike shy girls, lack self-confidence, they believe they can't find any better, so they dont risk it

  • Shy. I love ravaging the shit out of a shy girl in bed and hearing her squirm, moan and scream


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