I'm in love with my best friend's SHY brother... HELP?

I met this girl two years ago when we started going to the same school. We have a number of common interests, and in the time we have known each other have become very close. I met her brother shortly after my friend and I met. He seemed cool, and what I felt was what I believed to be a sort of "awe", as he was what I imagined a cool older boy would be (note, there is a seven year age gap). He is cool, but that's not the point. I noticed the more time I spent at her house, the more attached to him I became. He is quite shy (like me) and while we don't exchange more than the usual hello when i visit their house, I can't stop thinking about him. It's not a crush- I have had many of those before, some more serious than others, but nothing like this. I want to get to know him, and am not just attracted to one thing about him. There is just something there. I feel it, and I am not really one for gushy lovey dovey stuff. My friend knows- she says its a little weird to her (being her brother) but doesn't hate me or anything. She seems cool with my "crush" (i didn't tell her the extent of how i feel).

He's really shy though. I know to start off being friends and go from there (thats what I've heard at least) but how do i befriend a shy boy? What do I do? Is this a crush, or something more? its lasted over 2 years...

Any tips on what I should do? (He's 22 and I'm 16. I don't intend to date him now, but how can I try to get closer to him without being awkward?) Any tips appreciated.


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  • Tell your friend to set it up