What is your type? Woman/man? What qualities attracts you?

Body type?
Long hair short hair?
Are looks the main factor for you?
What personality? Common interest?

Just curious...


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  • Obviously this is going to be different for everyone... But myself personally: I like an average built girl. Not so skinny that you can see bones but not fat either. Just average! I Don't think I could date a girl taller than me either so maybe around 5'8" ish. Long brown/blonde hair, and blue eyes.
    And yea looks aren't everything either, ideal girl is smart, funny, and nice.


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  • Body Type - Within a healthy range in terms of BMI. Skinny or chubby doesn't matter much, although I do like girls that are more bottom heavy than top heavy.

    Height - Shorter than me, preferably even after wearing heels. I'm 5'11'' and don't want to bother with girls that hold my height against me in any way.

    Long Hair or Short Hair? - Long hair, but not too long. There is a wide range that I consider reasonable. If her hair reaches the bottom of her neck, that's short enough. If her hair reaches past the middle of her back, that's too long. There are a lot of inches to play around with. I just don't like very short hair.

    Are looks the main factor for you? - No, personality is. What good are looks when she's not someone I can get along with? Looks matter for initial attraction, but that doesn't keep people together unless they are insecure or extremely shallow.

    What personality? - This changes from time to time, but I like silly girls that make light of situations and are loose-lipped. If she's quiet and awaits my cues, she's probably going to wait a long time. Unless she loves my rants. I can rant forever.

    Common Interest? - Simple pleasures in life that aren't too outdoorsy. Horses are great, but I don't want to live on a ranch and ride them every day.

  • Body type: Average to fit. I'm not into curvy or BBW
    Height: I don't care
    Hair: definitely long hair
    Looks will gravitate me toward her and her laid back and funny personality makes me want to stay. Honestly, a girl with a pretty face and smile will stop me in my tracks.

  • I would like for her to be 5'7. Long hair down her back, her face to be lean and very beautiful along with beautiful eyes, I want her hair to be down to her Butt almost. I want her to have a heart of gold and to back me 100 percent. I want her to be a hard working motivated girl. I want her loyal to me and never cheat on me. I want her to be a Woman Of God.

  • (Body type)
    Skinny, pear or hourglass.

    Shorter or same height as me.

    Long hair.

    (Are looks the main factor for you)
    Well. I would like her to be at least slightly attractive, but she doesn't need to be super hot. Personality is more important.

    Outgoing, gentle, cheerful.

    (Common interests)
    Nerdy things like video games, art and drama. Those aren't important though, just bonuses.

  • Pear or hourglass, I'm 5'11 so according to it, long hair, no, awesome personality n don't matter 😊

  • i like short cute women who know how to work it


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  • I don't have a body type that is my type I do like them to be a least somewhat attractive although I dies for a wide back! Nom nom nom nom.
    I like guys taller then me preferably 6 ft.
    I like short hair better.
    Main things are personality, common interests, and chemistry.

    I like sincere, intelligent, caring, loyal, and protective. It's a bonus if they are funny and hot.