She keeps sending me texts still

My girlfriend broke up with me about a couple of days. It was a short but a very passionate relationship. Now she keeps sending me text on how sad she is, how she always wants to cry, visit the places that were special to us, and how she'll never forget me. When I don't respond she says things like figures, you're probably with another girl already. Even though I've never cheated on her before.

What is going through this girl's mind? It was her idea to break up, not mine.

I do have feelings for her still, so I told her if she wants to work something out then she can contact me, but otherwise I'd prefer it if she didn't text me anymore.

What are the chances that she is keeping me as a back up?
That's good advice, I should tell her that I am not a mind reader and I don't know what she wants. But if she wants to work something out, then she should call me and stop texting. She did leave me for someone else so I probably am back up.


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  • No offense to the girls under me but it seems like your ex is playing games and you should tell her to either figure out what she wants or stop playing games. If you love her let her know that you love her but your not a kid and you don't need someone making you feel like your the bad guy. In my opinion she is probably looking for you to say...Please babe let's work it out, I don't know what I did but whatever it is please forgive, your are my world and I don't want to loose you yada yada yada...I'm a girl I know. Sometimes insecure women play little head games because we want reassurance that are men love us, but it's not a healthy way to get love or attention. Like I said let her know how you feel. If you miss her tell her, if you lover like I said tell her, but remind her that she made the decision to break it off, if she wants you back then she should let you know, your not a mind reader.


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  • Uhm..she obviously changed her mind about the breakup and is really sorry now. She didn't know what you meant to her until you were gone. But why won't she just come forward and tell you that? You already told her you are willing to work it out. Text her one last note, "Please don't text me anymore. If you want to work things out, then call me." Tell her you still love her. This is what she wants to hear.

  • I think if you do want to work it out and you still like her, you guys definitely should work it out if you can see what were the mistakes and how you can either fix them or accept them (if it's unchangeable since it's pretty hard to fix a habitual behavior). If she does not want to be together then there is something wrong and she just wants you to hear her out that she misses you and nothing more. This was like my ex... he would always call, text, etc. because he only wanted to be in my life, but not continue a relationship because he and I were going to live two different lives (he was going to the military). I see you want more so if all she wants to say is that she wants to be friends or misses you, then what you told her is the best thing you could do. I understand not wanting anything else from your life. I cut my ex from my life now because he only wanted friendship and I wanted more. It was unfair for me. Maybe you guys can be friends again when you realize you won't have those feelings anymore.

    And the chances for her keeping you as back up...? Well if you thought she was seeing someone/talking... and if that was the cause of the breakup then that could be the chance that you are back up and she just wants you as a friend for now.

    Otherwise, I wouldn't think you were backup. She probably regrets breaking up with you or you breaking up with her and that's her reaction. When my ex broke up with me, I got really clingy sounding and texted him saying I missed him and never mentioned 'getting back together' to sound not desperate. But eventually I said it and found out he didn't think it would work out for the reason that we will be living two different lives.


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  • If your happy to be out of that relationship then just let her know you both should move on now and she needs to find somebody else.

    If you still have feelings for her and want to give it another go then get to the bottom of why she broke up with you in the first place.

    She may have not realised what she had until it was gone.

    If she still wants to remain broken up but still bother you about it then tell her to stop messing around, get a new number and just move on because it sounds like she doesn't want to be with you so she is free to do what she wants but at the same time trying to keep you as back up.

  • Answer to update:

    Only you can find that out, you will get a clearer picture once she makes it clear what she wants with you.

    You told her the right thing on my advice by giving her a chance to work with you or leave you alone, there's nothing more you can do really until she answers you and you see how her mood is and how she acts from there on.

    Keep us updated with her answer and we will worry about what you need to do from there.

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