Am I right to do this?

I've been talking to this girl for two weeks already and have hung out with her a few times. We were supposed to go on a dinner date, but I guess things came up on her end I was cool about it and we still continued to talk. We did plan on rescheduling, but she wasn't to sure what she had planned for that day or she was going to be extremely busy with school work, but would let me know. I finally just let her know that I wasn't going to suggest we meet up anymore if she wanted to it was all on her. She replied telling me that she was sorry that it seemed like she was playing games, but she wasn't and that she really wanted to go out. Now I like to say I'm always the one who initiates the conversation first, but she is quick to reply and we text all day till one of us goes to bed. Now the other night she texted me saying that she was in a emotional wreck and felt worthless saying that personal issues in her life and the fact that her EX cheated on her. So I comforted her and calmed her down, but then she went on saying how ugly she was and she didn't like the way that she looked and how people thought of her and if she weren't so ugly that her EX wouldn't have cheated on her. I tried talking to her about it, but she started being a bitch towards me so I just left it at that. Later on the night she texted me saying that she was done with her little breakdown and she was calm. To which I replied "k" cause I was kinda hurt with her. I haven't texted her in all day today and I don't plan on texting her until she makes the effort to reach out to me first. Am I right to do this?


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  • You're probably right in letting her take the next step. I would add to let her know that you are expecting her to take the next step, as you don't know where you stand with her. Otherwise she might just think you "gave up on her."

    • So should I text her then?

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    • Wow! Thanks man that might just be the ticket.

    • No problem

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