Will she forgive me?

So this is my first girlfriend ever and she has alread expressed how much she doesn't like self harming because a few years ago she got addicted to it.
Well I have depression and I was having the worst burst of it ever and I cut and I don't know if my girlfriend will forgive me but I want to tell her.


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  • If she truly loves you and cares for you she will understand. If she doesn't, then it isn't meant to be, but she should understand.

  • Just tell. It may be kind of hard for her to understand but if you explain to her everything she will you know forgive you. But you also need to understand that a relationship is not only to cuddle but to go through everything together and hiding this big thing from her is not the best thing to do. And remember that cutting yourself is not the best way to get out of a problem or in your case depression because you can cut all you want but at the end thats not going to change everything. Just talk to her.


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