Who was wrong in this situation? Best answer to first answer?

Who was wrong in this situation? My girlfriend and I were hanging out, and my dad texted me, I took out my phone and I teasingly said to her '' Don't look at my phone''. She said joking around '' I'll look at your phone if I want.

So I let her look at who Iv'e been texting, and she went to click on one of my buddies convo (It's a male, convo between two males) so I tried to grab my phone, she was looking for about 30 seconds and I got annoyed and said '' Okay I'm starting to get mad now give me my phone'' or something like that.

She got really mad and would not even talk to me, I went outside twice to her car to try and talk things out with her but both times she yelled at me to go away, second time she rolled up her car window and told me to get the fuck away.

So I just left and went home, because by the time she came back inside (We were trying to go skating) I was already mad/sad and didn't want to be all mad and sad around a bunch of kids and teens.

Is it my fault? Is it her fault? Or is it both of our faults?


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  • It's nobody's fault.
    Don't worry. Things like that happen. One time I got angry with my bf because of something stupid like that. Now I know it was stupid, but in the time I was very angry.
    I can understand her because maybe she thought you don't trust her or that you have something to hide. She was just offended. I can see myself get angry because of that too, to be honest xD But, like I said, you didn't anything wrong. I can understand you too.
    I think you should talk with her, as long she's more calm now, and explain that you don't want her to think you don't trust her.

    • She say's '' I'll always think you're hiding something from me now'' It's not fair because Iv'e treated her well, and she's going to decide my devotion and integrity over one thing.

      She's ignoring me right now any way, maybe she will text back in a few hours.

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    • Yeah I think she would get upset if I did that too. I just dislike fighting or drama, and I find communication important, and she just tells me to go away when she's mad.

      She says she does this because she doesn't want to say something out of anger which I understand but I wish she would still try and talk to me.

    • I understand. I think communication is very important, too.
      Let her calm down herself, and then try what I said (set up a meeting/appointment with her). Then talk with her gently about what happened. Maybe you can give her the examples I mentioned above and explain yourself too. The most important is show her you don't meant to hurt her and say you love her to make her feel more secure again.

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  • It doesn't matter whose fault it is. What matters is how it made the two of you feel.

    Take this advice and run with it, dude: Don't bother trying to sort out the blame. You're not going to win an argument with a woman anyway; they don't fight fair. Just talk it out with her, tell her how you felt and let her talk about how she felt. Then ask how you can compromise with each other to fix things.

    • Yeah I guess.. I just needed to know if it was my fault or not so I can improve. She's still giving me the cold shoulder and ignoring me despite me telling her I love her and all of these other true things.

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    • Outstanding. You are a true gentleman, sir.

    • Thank you, you're well mannered yourself and seem like a man with morals. I appreciate your advice a ton.

  • its her fault

    • I bed you didn't read xD

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    • ugh go to hell

    • I'm sorry Opinion Owner, it wasn't my intention to offend you. I was joking :p... I'm really sorry I bored you.