Anyone has any tips for dating a quiet guy?

I asked this very shy guy on a date and he said yes!!
Which is great, but from then on I find that many times when we meet each other I'm the one who is acting shier and don't know what to say... Actually I think that me acting shy somehow made him more comfortable around me as he knows I don't act like that around other people, but we still end up just standing there looking at each other for a few seconds and smiling before carrying on with other activities.

Anyway, we will go on date today and im afraid that being nervous I won't remember anything to say, like conversation topics. Although it seems like he's actually looking forward to it, I still don't know how he will behave...
I'm obviously overthinking, but can anyone offer any advice?


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  • Its not the fact that you are acting shy its the fact you don't care that he is shy. Shy people, especially, guys always feel like they need to be such amazing conversationalists and extroverts with women. Many times if we aren't and there is God forbid a pause in the conversation many women judge us to be less of a man because we aren't entertaining them 24/7. The fact that you don't mind these long pauses, shows that you are not only not judging him on his lack of social skills but you really love spending time with HIM.

    As for you being shy, it sounds kind of like you really like him and don't want to blow it, don't pressure yourself, I believe it will subside in time. In the meantime just enjoy spending time with the one you love!

    • You're right in many ways. Surely I wouldn't have asked him out if I kinda didn't like him, and surely I wouldn't be freaking out as well.
      Actually I think it went well. Surprisingly we spent hours talking about everything and nothing at all. I didn't quite understand what he meant with a couple of things he said, but I will let it go for now.
      He was shaking as a leaf and it was a bit awkward when he asked me for a second date when we were still in the middle of the first one, but somehow we got that covered.
      He also didn't let me pay for anything despite me being the one who asked him out, but I insisted on paying for coffee and dessert later and he seemed fine with it.

      Yes, I don't care he's shy at all.

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  • If both of you have trouble holding a conversation then perhaps try to do a more active date. Like bowling, watch a movie, or whatever. Something that will not require constant conversation.

  • Try asking questions. You do this as a probe for topics the person might be interested in.

    When all else fails, make out! ;-D

    • When it comes to two shy people, think it's very unlikely for them to make out in the first date^^;;
      We didn't.

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