He wants to take it slow after we have already taken it fast?

met this guy online we talked 24/7 built a good connection. we did start talking dirty and still felt really strong connection for eachother. He was planning to come see me and i told him lets just hang out and nothing sexual when we meet. HE came we met and we got physical, we were drunk and laying in bed so i asked him, what are we? are we in a relationship? he said do you really think we are there yet? i was so hurt i got up put my clothes on and he got upset... he ended up going to sleep on the couch we were both drunk.. so when i got sober i woke up and asked him to come sleep in the bed he said he was comfortable i let him sleep. When he woke up he came to the bedroom we talked and i apologized he said he was upset that we went to bed angry... but we made out and he seemed fine and happy after. we continued our day as he was going to be spending another night. we went to watch a movie and after the movie he said that he probably needs to go home tonight as his house called and his dog wasn't well i know he loves his dog so i understood and did not atall get upset. We went to grab a coffee and that is where he says dont you think we are going too fast? i said umm no we do have an emotional connection we have build on it. he said lets just slow it down, lets not talk about any sexual stuff and just get to know eachother. I was surprised and i realized he is just wanting to leave early. He said he was upset about going to bed angry with eachother and worries if we are compatible. so he says lets take it slow and keep our options open get to know eachother and see who else is out there. WHAT WOULD YOU DO? WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?


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  • He wants to keep you in rotation with his other women that he's leading on.

    • does that mean i should move on?

    • I would personally. From the "see who else is out there." If a man really likes you he wouldn't want to see who else is out there. He's non-committal and most likely just looking for flings.

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