Has anyone else met that one person who ruins all others for you?

i know i have. it sucks but i compare everyone to him and can't help it


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  • Yes! I'm on the longest stretch ever without sex (3 months) and I have the opportunity to be with several old lovers this week but I don't want to because I'm pretty sure I found my soul mate. Even though we're not at sex yet and won't be anytime soon because of distance, I just don't want to have sex with anyone else. The appeal is no longer there, and I just have no interest in them. I've turned down several guys the last month or so, new and old.
    Soulmate and I have been friends for years and I've never been able to date any guy because they just weren't as good as him in specific areas. Now that we're talking more relationshipie tham friendshipie, my interest in sex without him is gone too. He better be the one lol.


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  • Usually that's how it is when I'm crushing on someone. Nobody else even friggin compares and it becomes problematic because I can't entertain the idea of another person as a way to get over my crush if my crush is a dead end endeavor.

    So there's not one person in general, but many one person's.


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    • @Ihav2fart good. not good that you're jelly, don't be jelly D: but good that you don't hate him.

    • i hate my guy cuz while he's away at school trying to figure out what he wants in life, our whatever it was is on pause. apparently im supposed to forget about him and our instant chemistry and attraction for one another even though we both know were meant for each other. im supposed to meet someone new and see where he and i are at when he comes back. problem is, everyone i meet doesn't match up to him

  • Haha yeah... but I'm going to marry him so it doesn't matter.

  • Yup. That would be my first. Man did that asshole screw my head up.