When would you be ok with someone you are dating telling you they had strong feelings (e. g. love) for you?

Okay, this is based on the results of a poll that @TheoneandOnlyJessica posted, where it was trending that guys feel strongly early in the relatioship and girls took longer to develop feelings. Here's the question: when would you be comfortable having someone you are dating tell you they have sting feelings (eg love) for you?

  • Whenever they are ready - even if that's the first dat or before
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  • After they have had time to get to know me - several dates, a few months
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  • You don't get to know the real person until at least six months in, anytime before that just isn't love
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  • I don't like any of these choices, I'm going to fill in my answer in the comments section
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  • Ah, don't really want to comment, just show me the answers
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Interesting. Not enough responses to really conclude anything, like most G@G polls. What I will say is that I tend to know how I feel (stays pretty darn consistent over time) within the first few dates. We're conditioned to not express that. It doesn't really show in this poll but if you look at the poll by
@theoneandonlyjessica, you'll see strong support that female opinion supports the conditioning to not say anything any time soon. Do you agree?

... and yes, I accidentally hit the update button too soon.


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  • When he's ready. Doesn't mean I'll say it back. I wait a long time because I want to mean it.


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  • LoL, I've been with my boyfriend for almost 2 months now and I feel like I'm falling in love with him. I at least know that I'm starting to love him (not the same as being IN love). I've been through a lot of heartache before and I'm scared to go all in on this relationship, so I think that if I let myself, I could fall faster for him. I'm also scared of how he feels about me and I don't want to fall for him harder than he falls for me. :(


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  • i wouldn't.