Does he still like me?

So I found someone who doesn't care about anything I see as a flaw. He is absolutely perfect in every way. I couldn't ask for anything more. One problem. He said he me to be his girlfriend and I told him I wanted to be his girlfriend but he hadn't asked yet, we were just talking about it. But then I realized I wasn't ready for a relationship quite yet. I told him i really really like him don't get me wrong but i think we should wait because I want our relationship to be as long and as strong as possible. He said " Yeah, alright". But I feel like he's really hurt. Any suggestions on what I should do or how he feels.


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  • He probably got disappointed, I think you should continue close to him and tell him that possibilities are still open and your answer wasn't really a No, just you'll need some more time to be ready, and then you confirm again what you told him. Just make it clear that you didn't deny, you just postponed it.

    • Alright :) thank you so much!

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