A question about a dating site. Plenty of fish (pof)?

I just got on here like 3 days ago. I been getting a lot of messages, but there is also an option that says meet me. You click yes or no and if the person says yes you obviously get notified. I have like 400. I probably had like maybe 150-200 messages the first day I started. Anyways
Why would a guy click yes and then not message you


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  • Shotgun approach. Most men get rejected, so they send you a message and move on to the next girl who will most likely reject them.
    Entering more past that takes too much time per woman, when most women have something physical keeping them from finding love, want a guy with a giant dick, a bot made by a man, or a man trying to troll other men.

    It seems getting lucky by spamming is often more effective than working hard here and there. Same way lots of people consider buying lottery tickets rather than save up and invest to just become a millionaire.

    Expect lots of hate and abuse. I do not envy either side on dating sites. Good men are like dogs among jackals. It's lonely and you starve if you don't play the game. Women are the deer, getting assaulted from every angle. Lots of attention, not neccessarily good attention.


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