Girls!! Does she like me?


Went out with this GREAT girl for the first time.

Little background. Met her at a party (college) and hit off pretty well, then saw her at another party, asked her for her number. Then asked her out a couple of times and we just went out.

The date. Went well, I took her for dancing lesson (it was weird but fun haha) and then for a drink (yes, some alcohol) in a bowling center (played as well) and then some arcade at the same place. (Hold hands, and sometimes kissed her on the cheek).

After that I drove her home. Said she had a great time and thank me for the date, when I was saying goodbye in the car she kissed me on the lips.

Following that she texted me that she had a great time and that I was adorable..

So, would you say she is interested? I am unsure if I should take the next step.

Thanks, help appreciated..


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