I think the girl I like is on a date right now. How do I avoid making a huge mistake by getting jealous? Or am I just overreacting to nothing?

I met this girl online a few weeks ago. We've been chatting non-stop ever since. We met up last Wednesday and ended up getting drinks and chatting for almost 4 hours before a heavy makeout session/departure. She warned me she'd had plans for all weekend. Last night she admitted it was just being out with friends, for tonight all she'd say was she 'had plans'.

I assumed all along it was a date she had Saturday. And at first it didn't bother me... but after talking all day/night Friday , and then convincing her to come over, then actually being intimate, now it kinda does bother me. I don't even know if it's actually a date, but we'd been chatting most of the day, then around 7:30 all texting stopped.

I checked recently that she signed into the dating website at ~10pm. She still hasn't answered the last text I sent. And I'm feeling like shit cause she might be with another guy right now. Or she could be passed out.

Am I just overreacting? Am I just being a moody drunk (I've had several drinks... probably not helping)? Or should I be worried about this girl?


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  • Calm down. She doesn't belong to you. You're getting attached way too fast which is a turn off.


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  • It's really up to you.

    If it bothers you it might not be the situation but the chick. Move on. Often times when you completely remove interest from these chicks they come crawling like a attention dog. It's hilarious.