I've been making out with my sisters friend and we don't know if we should start dating, help asap?

My sister had friends round sleeping so I was talking to them all night. Me and one of the girls took a liking towards each other (I'm 15 she's 13) so we were cuddling all night and when everyone was asleep we started kissing. We both really like each other but she dosnt want my sister find out. We have agreed to meet sometime next week but don't know what to do next?


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  • Boyyyyy if I was your sister I'd kick both of y'all's ass. As a sister I'd be so pissed off if my brother went after one of my friends. What if it breaks up their friendship. ?

    • You wouldn't want one of your best friends as a future sister-in-law? I think that'd be pretty great.

    • No because here's what can happen. Her friend could get mad at you and then start talking to your sister about you. Your sister might not like her talking about you then they get into a fight. Friendship is over. It's really just something you don't do. She's young anyway and I'm sure she has some maturing to do.

    • Blood is thicker than water.

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