Is dating as hard as people make it out to be?

I just finished high school. Pretty much all my time was spent studying, I didn't have much time at all for dating. I didn't even try. People make it out like getting a girlfriend is the hardest thing in the world. Is it really that hard? I'm starting college this year and I hope to start dating.

I'm an average looking guy. Im smart and have good qualities but I'm average looking. But it seems logical that if you're nice, respectful and caring towards a girl with which you share similar interests, then it she should be appreciate and want that in her life too. No? Is it stupid to think it is that simple?

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  • It's easier in college than people make it out to be, but for different reasons than it's hard in high school.

    In high school it's hard because people are very casual and girls are even more hesitant about everything and it's more nerve wracking for some reason.

    In college it's easier because apparently it's kind of hunting grounds for a mate, because after college there's barely any good place to find a shitload of the opposite gender right around your age. Well, I mean, that's what my dad said it was like. He said that in college, girls finally realize they won't find a "Prince Charming" so they just go look for the smart guys who will make them lots of cash.


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  • Yes and no, the person your with makes a difference.

  • It's not hard at all.

    What happens is people put unnecessary pressure on themselves to find a partner. I recommend practicing your approach on women so you have ultimate confidence then when you are ready to speak to someone that interests you it's no big deal.

  • I'd like to find out as well...