What does a guy mean when he says this?

My apologies for overanalyzing what guys say, but I am a girl, after all. So I recently had a conversation with a guy that I like and as it came to an end he said, "It was awesome to see you again and I'm sure I'll be seeing you around campus." Guys, if you were to say this to a girl, and girls, if a guy were to say this to you, how would you take it? To me it kind of felt like an "I'll see you when I see you" remark but I know he used to like me and he did seem a little nervous throughout the conversation. It just struck me that he may have moved on or his waiting for me to make a move since he obviously made no attempt to do so himself. I know I'm probably overthinking it so feel free to tell me if you think I'm nuts!


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  • Not sure if you are nuts or not but you are overthinking it. He was glad to see you and will be glad to see you again next time. Of which he thinks will happen again soon. Don't take it badly. He was being nice and will enjoy seeing you again

    • Thanks :) I know I am definitely overthinking it, I just wish he would make a move if he still likes me but maybe he's too nervous?

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  • It literally means what he says, men speak directly unlike girls who lace their conversation with hints and double meanings.

    • We do that on purpose, sometimes. Guys need some confusion in their lives.

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  • Sometimes you feel like a nut,
    And sometimes you don't :D

    But I think it's just another "nice to see you" remark. :)

    • Haha thanks, I'm sure you're right :) Unfortunately when it comes to guys I feel like a nut pretty much all the time :)

    • Dont worry, I do too. It's natural to be confusled around the other gender lol

    • Oh gosh I just noticed you're only 13. How is it that a 21 year old needs guy advice from someone so much younger haha :)