Good connection with a girl, but a feeling she's not interested?

Hey girls and guys!

I have a question about this one girl. Got her number from a friend of mine, we've barely seen each other once before, and started texting. Over text, everything is fine. We have a good connection, have been writing to each other every day for like two weeks or so. She's funny, smart, and definitely seems interested.

The thing is though, I tend to be a pretty direct guy. I mean, I'm 26, I already know what I want and I'm not into playing hard to get games with anyone. So when I like someone, I show it, ask out to do stuff etc etc. I'm usually pretty busy in my everyday life, but not as busy that I can't find time to meet someone that I want to meet, and girls I've dated before who were interested seemed to appreciate me being direct and showing that I'm interested and not in it for fucking mindgames.

She's a busy girl as well, always up to something. And every time I ask her out, I get shot down.. nothing brutal, she's just doing something or out of town at her parents', and I always shake it off with a joke and just keep the convo going after that, I haven't noticed those "no"s making it awkward in any way.
It makes me wonder though, because every time I mention meeting and doing something, she says no, but never reschedules. I mean, it does seem like she's into me. She sends me random pics of what she's doing or where she is, her pets, you name it. The conversations always flow well, if I don't reply to a text for a couple of hours she'll usually send me another one asking what I've been up to etc, so it gives me a reason to think she's interested.

But this never rescheduling business bugs me. If I'm going to an art show with a friend, she can say she really wants to see it and has heard of it, yet when I say "I'll take you next week then" the reply is not a direct "no" but just brushing the topic off.. yet the usual signs of interest continue from her side..

Any thoughts?


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  • Oh my goodness... She seems like a girl that enjoys your company. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand that's it. If a girl likes you back she'll find time trust me dude. If she wanted to hang out she would reschedule. Soooooooooo she's not playing games but she jus don't so called have time and you should keep doing you are doing. Me personally I'm going through same thing but fucking worse. This girl don't want hang out with me at all but damn birthday is coming up she wants to invite me, she plays games and act cold we hardly talk in person and her showing her feeling is like asking her to jump off a cliff. So I'm still pondering if I should go? But anyway, jus give her time but don't be too invested in her.

    • Thanks for the input, that's kind of what I was thinking as well to be honest. I'm just not sure how to react to that.. First thought right off the bat is, as you say, not get too invested, and maybe cool off a little. Stop asking to meet, just let her take the wheel for a minute, and see how that goes. I mean, she knows I'm interested, so if she is too then she'll take the bull by the horns so to speak. We'll see!

      In your situation I'd definitely consider a cool down from your side. If she likes you, that might give her a little push to show her feelings.