I got hurt, but I don't went to lose him I care more than he does?

I wen on a couple of dates with this guy I really like, who was chasing me for a long time.. This weekend it was snowing like crazy and I needed a place to stay in the city so I could get to work ( we work t the same place) he offered I stay at his, but told me there's a chance hi mom is visiting and then he's not sure.. he said worst case you'll meet. When the day came after work and all the roads were blocks I sent him a message asking what's up can I stay at yours an he said his mom was there and asked if I mind meeting her I joked and said not if she doesn't mind meeting me, he said " haha she doesn't mind meeting you she doesn't knowyou exist" I said OK.. And then he said she hadn't met any girl before just one by accident "we can sneak you in by that will be silly", I just said " OK if its such a big deal never mind I'll manage thanks anyways:)" he only replied a few hours later asking if I was home I just said yes. He hasn't contacted me since and it drives me crazy I know it silly but I really like him and this is the first time I liked someone this much, I'm seeing him at work today and I don't know what to do and how to act.. I'm pretty sure I'm more into it than him so I don't want to mess things up and risk being cold and him just dropping the whole thing.. on the other hand I don't want him to think I'm so cool with what happened.. What do I do?


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    I'll be honest, this just sounds retarded. If you needed a place to crash you should've just been like "I don't mind meeting her, what's the address" not make it out to be some weird 16 year old giddy girl meeting her boyfriends parents for the first time. You both handled that situation like social dummies.

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