(Long story) How do I know if she's into me or I have a chance? How to get her to like me?

Unlike any girl that I've ever had a crush on I am taking her seriously. Loved her smile, cute face, sound, and way of talking. Met her at a party we made as a surprise for our friend. I am not used to girls and I act awkward around them. This time I tried my best to be the alpha guy and I kept myself calm, but this made them think that I didn't like partying. So while we're walking by the beach I kept my self calm as I was shy to talk to her or the group as there where girls :"D she tried to get me out of the mood by acting playful and trying to annoy me. Well I wasn't annoyed but what she was doing made me like her even more. After the day went back home to rest after the long day I had with excitement to have another chance to talk to her. My friend posted a photo tagging all of us "the ones who were at the party including me and her" I checked out her profile "stalked in other words" and read the whole timeline only to find that she's so similar to me "having few friends and only going out with the same group of friends" I felt good as I haven't seen any picture of her with another guy neither a comment the shows that she's in a relationship. I sent her a friend request and she accepted immediately. I apologized for not paying for the taxi she had, but she replied telling me that I've done enough paying for the party expenses that we had. Got to tell her that all I want is to go out with her group of friends again and she accepted that. Later on continued the chat to get to know each other as I didn't want to be a total stranger asking favors. Got to know her, and saw how kind and sweet she is. Her messages included "they liked us and would like to know us" when I asked her to introduce her self she mention this twice by the way and "she isn't busy" when I ended up the chat telling that "talk to you later" and "I don't want to be disturbing you in our first chat" and she used emoticons while we were chatting literally a lot !

Have you got any ideas of how can I chat with her? How to start a chat? I chatted with her for two days and planning to chat with her today! How often should I stop chatting? and what to say while speaking to her? Should I always compliment her? Should I always drop hints? and finally what do a girl like as a gift "something affordable by a $30 wallet :D"?
I also want to know if she's interested in me or if she's kind to all people? I gave you all what's happened and I would like to know if you thing that she's interested!


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  • Well, she is interested in you! Just hang out with her and get to know her!

    • alright any tips for someone like me? :D I don't know how to start a topic and I want some ideas!

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    • we are texting and I left the school for home studies :"D If I knew her I would've stayed !

    • Uptill now you're having the most helpful answer, but I'll stick till I've found out girls opinions about it...