I am so happy this morning about it , what do you think?

I have been seeing a lovely man for 14 months now we now everything there is about each other but we do find it hard to say how we feel about each other. We have told each other we care and like each other a lot and I did tell him over text I love him lots. Last night we chilled and had a few drinks wasn't drunk !! And he asked what are my feelings for him? I said I like you lots and he smiled at me and hugged me and said I love you lots , I froze I didn't say it back even tho I wish I did !! When we made love he said I love you , I was taken back by this as he finds it hard to say things like this. We wasn't drunk just tipsy , but I'm feeling so happy this morning :) do you think he meant what he told me? Should I bring it up? Or just keep it to myself we are both in our 30s


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  • I think he meant it. After 14 months he's not try to win you over get you bed, it's probably real emotion. If you feel the same way and feel very happy, give he a big hug, cuddle a little and then look him in the eye and tell him you love him too. You might just go for round two!

    • He traveled nearly 3 hours to see me its a long distance thing , I do love him , I cuddles him bye this morning but didn't say I love you. He was hung over and seemed tired and had a long drive back home. I was so shocked with what he said last night as he finds it hard to show emotion , he cuddled me all night tightly :)

    • Sounds like you are on to a go thing here. Find the right time and tell him how you feel. If he has a hard time showing emotion it's not going to help if he is thinking he put it out there and it's not coming back. Don't rush into it, do it the right way

    • I will wait untill the time is right to :) thank you for the advice it's very much appreciated :)

  • maybe what he feels is real.


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