How do I kiss him, and when?

I want to kiss my boyfriend really bad, and he wants to kiss me too. Only he's really shy and won't kiss me (he barely even talks to me ever + he can't barely stand next to me or hold my hand), plus we only see each other at school, because my mom doesn't know about it. I would kiss him at the end of the day, no one's ever really around, but he's my first boyfriend and I've never kissed anyone before. It's like I don't even know how! How do I kiss him, and when?


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  • This is a common question that is asked by a lot of teenagers & I know how scary this can be for you as it's your first relationship. I remember my first kiss & how nervous I was but once you have your first kiss you'll realize how natural it feels.

    I always say communication is the key to every relationship in life. What you have to do first is sit down in school (as this might be the only place you can be together as you have stated), somewhere quiet & talk to him about this. Tell him that you want to kiss him and you know how it feels about being scared about it but that you really like him and would like to have your first kiss with him. With this out of the way you'll hopefully hear his side of it too and come to a greater understanding of the situation.

    If he says he feels the same way then great! Let the kissing commence ;)

    Now onto the technicalities of be honest, there isn't much! Just do what feels natural! You'll see when you kiss that it isn't so scary ;) You'll both be nervous so don't expect fireworks straight away! It will probably progress to French kissing if not straight away and you'll be surprised how natural this comes to you! So don't sweat it, you'll be fine. I was super nervous when I had my first kiss and I had it with someone for the sake of it and you shouldn't really do that but I was so surprised when I kissed him because it was fine!

    So I hope that answers your question! But about your mom situation, if you really like this guy then you should eventually tell her, it will make things so much easier!

    Good luck in the future whatever you do!



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  • Ensure that the guy has his dignity, and just do it. Your first kiss with anyone (and first ever***) should probably be done alone. You don't want any disturbances or anything to interfere.

    One of you needs to take control of the relationship, and start in on the other. All you have to do is move your head to within an inch of his head and line up your lips.

    Work up the courage either to talk to him about it, or just do it. Guys like it when they don't have to take all the steps...

  • Personally, I think guys aren't picky about this kind of stuff. In the end, a kiss is a kiss. I couldn't describe a bad kiss, there really isn't one (as long as you aren't like licking his face or something). Just find a place where no one will disturb you (in one of the school halls that may not be lighted as well) and just give him a hug first, we like hugs. Especially if they are followed by a kiss. Hope this helps.


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