I thought we were trying to stay together and work through everything but I found a message to his friend about finding someone new. Do I leave?

Without fully breaking up my boyfriend and I chose to take a "break" he only went away for one night and he's been staying with me again since. I thought things were going pretty good until I noticed he changed my name in his phone back to just my name and not the normal nickname with emojis (that has never changed in at least a year!) so I got suspicious.. I snooped on his Facebook and found out he's been messaging his friends about needing to find a new girl and making plans to move to a city that's four hours away.. I thought we were doing good with the hole starting over idea but he was messaging his friend that he needed to find a new girl not even two hours after we got out of bed. Should I confront him? Should I finally be done since this is basically just the cherry on top of a bunch of other problems?


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  • I would leave him.

    But realize that you are not always right in what you do. Are you vulnerable to the point of him being able to crush you?

    A man who holds a woman's heart- without her being afraid of him hurting it and holding it back will hold a precious treasure so beautiful money cannot buy it.

    Don't be closed off inside... Learn to work on softening your own heart.

    That's my best advice.

    And with this guy, those are major plans to not tell you anything. That you "think" you were doing so good means you really need to get in touch with your gut instincts, they were telling you all along you were not doing so good together.

    I'm sorry... There's no free lunch for anything, especially love. Everything comes with a price. Some times that price is vulnerability and openness. I am sorry this guy has not been honest with you.

    Maybe it's time to move on.

  • Tbh it looks like the relationship maybe going south anyway so confront him about the Facebook messages, say he was still logged in or something on the computer and you saw what he'd said to his friend and ask him why he'd say something like that when you thought it was going good again.


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