How to tell your parents that you have a boyfriend?

I've been dating this guy for a month and i am not allowed to date i want to tell them and try to convince them to allow me to date they have met him an they don't really like him help please.


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  • I have been in that situation. My parents did not want me to grow up too fast. He basically thought that we would have sex and get children at a shocking young age.

    I suggest maybe invite him over as a study buddy. Or just say it's some school project and the two of you have been liked together. It gives your parents maybe a chance to see that what kind of guy he is. From then on you can go further and further.

    • he has came over but we met online i know it sounds really bad but we met like 3 times before he came over but we lied to our parents about each other cause we didn't want to say we met online, so my mom asked him where he lived and he said a different town then i said and now my parents don't want him over..

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