How to allow your parents to date?

I've been dating this guy for one month and i want to tell my parents but their gonna say I'm immature, what are some good things i can say so they allow me to date?


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  • That's why I never told my parents when I had a gf, I knew they wouldn't accept it.
    If you wanna tell them, it's good to invite that guy home so that he meets your parents, then they'll see how he is, without being biased since they don't know he's your boyfriend, then when he's there you tell them.
    Or you could just tell them there's this guy you like, and you wanna know him better, he's attractive, you think he likes you too... don't be aggressive, or get defensive when saying it, say it like it's something normal, just a guy and a girl going out.


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  • You can't say anything. Actions speak louder than words. Prove it to them, words mean nothing.

    • what do you mean by actions?

    • Get homework done in time. Don't argue back and say stuff like oh it's so unfair, instead just calmly get your point across and tell them politely why you disagree. Help around the house. Stick to curfews. Don't get bad reports from school. Just generally be a good kid around them.

      We've all been your age, and we all go through similar things with our parents in our teen years, but when they see you behaving differently they'll treat you differently. Really, all parents know they were teens before to, and they know what teens get up to and try to "protect" their kids from it, but when they think you're mature and won't make silly decisions that can get you into some sort of trouble, they're much more likely to loosen the reigns a little.