Long distance dating, can somone help me on this?

I've been talking to this girl for some time now and we are pretty damn serious about Eachother. Not gonna lie it feels awesome that she cares for me this much and is comfortable enough to share her feelings and telling me im the only one she wants. I trust her but it's hard for me bc I never really had to deal with this before. I won't be seeing her for another 2 months due to her temporary job has her traveling all across the U. S and in May it's over and we will have the rest of time essentially with Eachother. What can I do to avoid ruining my chances with her? I get frustrated sometimes over the distance, not being able to see her, talking at random hours all the time. When Things come up and we can't talk when we planned to talk, that's what gets me most. But I'm trying real hard to not overreact, any help girls? What do you think is going through her head about me?


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  • Yeah it's not a relationship unless you meet. Words are cheap and currently your both living a fantasy. It's not real life. Have you, even spoke on phone? I mean come on being serious about eachother is not based on a cyber relationship. How old are you? Also ldr rarely work out long term.

    • @mysteriouschick93 wow relax I met her in person on New Years eve and we instantly hit it off. She's close friends of one of my best childhood girl friend. We hung out maybe 3 times bc of our differing schedules and long distance but the last time we hung out was before she left and she let him have sex with her without a rubbr r... we speak on the phone everyday now what's ur opinion on my situation?

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    • @mysteriouschick93 it's not that long term it's 2 more months I was just asking how u think she feels damn ur negative sex should mean something and we both want to date Eachother

    • I am not saying sex shouldn't mean something but for many it don't not including myself at all. So your not together yet but had sex? I wouldn't know how she feels you ask her?

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