Can someone give me advise?

So here is the story, I met a guy online and we are dating since September. We seen eachother 5 times. The thing is I really don't know what to think, he says that he really wants time to know each other. He is a slow texter and sometimes he text don't respond to my text for about 11 hours. When a ask what the matter is that he didb't text he says that he is sorry and he is really busy. I believe that he is busy because he has his own compony but if you really care about someone you make time. We often had argumets about that. First he was always nice and explained why he didn't had time. But know he become angry everytime i say something about the late respond. Sometimes I have the feeling that I'm nothing more than a option for him, i told him about that and we had a big fight. He didn't even said that's not true etc, he said that I'm not taking him serious. One time he was learning me the lesson and i told him that he is not my bf, he became angry and hung up. I always have to ask when i will see him, oftem he says that he has a meeting and don't have time. When I had exams and I was unavailable for him he was calling me all the time and Wanted to see me. He is only putting effort when i'm angry at him. He always says that he miss me but why he couldn't make time? In that 6 months he never planned a real date we always went to the cafe. He also never bought gives like roses for me, i thought that boys do thay kind of stuff when they like a girl. So that's the situAtion sumed up. It's so frustrating for me. I really don't know what to think. At one point he is a really serious guy, his friend also told me about that. And he says that he will never Waste time on something he know it will not lead to something. Can you guys give me some advise? Greets a girl from russia


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  • He's not into you!


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