How do I know if he likes me?

there's this guy I've liked for about 8 months but he never noticed me. lately I've noticed him staring at me multiple times, he even turned around even my friends noticed. now a few days ago he messaged me on Facebook but apparently it was his friend who texted me not him... he was also being really blunt like he didn't seem interested. i don't know what to think or do.. like why would he look and me AND even message me after 8 months?

even his friend added me on Facebook! i don't think he found out that i like him since I've not looked at him once... he's also not the type of guy to make fun of other people i know he's super shy though. what am i supposed to think?


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  • I'd be a little careful in this situation right now if I were you. It sounds like they may have figured out you like him and could be messing with you. Do you know if they are the type to bully/make fun of other people for things like this? I could be totally wrong and he could really be starting to like you (and is just shy) but I think it's a little early to tell right now.