I love you. What happened when someone said that too soon in your relationship?

Ever been in a relationship and someone says "I love you" too soon? What happened?

For me I think she felt obligated to feel the same way, or just didn't understand how she felt. That was the start of two blissful years... Of being single, preceded by 20 sucky years of being married.

What happened with you?


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  • I said it a bit too soon (not directly, but I admitted to having feelings for her). It's only grown since then.

    • Sometimes you get lucky and things were out. I'm glad you had one of those times.

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  • it just didn't work.
    he didn't appreciate the meaning of it and threw those words around like they meant nothing. he used them so much to the point that they lost all meaning to me and i hated hearing it. for me to feel that way is really saying something.

    • There's a difference between saying it and meaning it. I do not know if repeatedly saying it is a sign of the former or the latter, it might certainly feel like the former. If he did mean it, would that have changed anything or was it just too soon?

    • i understand, which is why i could decipher the intention. honestly, even if the intentions were good, id rather it be shown more by action and sparingly by words.
      no it wouldn't change anything. he didn't prove to be the kind of man i was after.

    • One of my favorite people always talks about actions matching words. Makes sense.

  • Ugh... it was just awkward. We didn't break up or anything, but we just ignored it and when one of our friends mentioned it we just kind of sat there. We didn't really even consider that it happened. It was me who said it first, and I don't know why I said it I was so pressured, and then he took awhile to reply when I said it so yeeaaah. We just forgot it happened and re-did our first "I love you" on our anniversary.


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  • they got pregnant

    • Ah, dude that's not what causes it...

      JK, I guess similar to my situation - dropping inhibitions. Hopefully your experience turned out more positive than mine.

    • meh.