How to tell if the first "date" went well?

We are friends at the college we go to and decided it would be fun to go see a movie (I know movies are terrible for first dates but she said she loves them so I went along with that). The movie was great and I had a lot of fun and she is amazing, but I was really nervous at some points. We didn't hold hands or anything like that, but she smiled a lot at me and we laughed at each others jokes, and at the end of the night we sang together on the way back to her house in the car. We were joking most the night, but when we got to her house and were standing on the porch I got really nervous and didn't know what to do. I thought about kissing her but didn't know how she would've felt so I didn't risk it, I figured next time we go somewhere maybe. So we just hugged and she said she would text me and that was it. I don't know if she had fun or not, and now I'm nervous that there may not be the second chance to go out with her.

Sidenote: We are really close in class and we are usually together for the whole class and walk out to her car together everyday, and everyone knows how I feel about her. There have been times where she has gotten emotional over some personal things and we've hugged and I just kinda kept my arm around her in class to comfort her. I just think we are closer in class than we were on a date, and I was nervous even though I'm around her all the time.


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  • Sounds like a fun date to me! If she still hangs/texts you she enjoyed herself.


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