What should I have texted?

I have 2 questions. Okay there was a new girl at my job who I was attracted to but, was pretty quiet so I decided to talk to her one day and we ended up getting to know each other. One day I asked her to hang out and she told me she was to busy and she didn't offer a alternative so I decided to see her as nothing more than a coworker. She would always make conversation with me though at work and yes there are plenty of other guys she could talk to around her age, but she always talks to me. Since she seemed she enjoyed talking to me I asked her if she wanted to grab a bite to eat after work and she said she couldn't because she was really tired and wanted to sleep and I told her alright cool. Three hours after our shift ended she called me and said we could hang out tomorrow if that's alright with you (to be honest I was kind of excited) but I played it off cool and told her that I couldn't do the next two days because I would be busy. She asked me on a Tuesday so I told her we could hang out Friday and she said okay and then I told her I'll let her know what the plan is the day before so she said alright. I've decided we could catch a lunch and then a movie, but its been 2 days since I've spoken to her so how could I have conveyed this smoothly through a text? I used pretense because I've already texted her and we had to reschedule because she had a doctor appointment. I probably could have called, but I didn't so throw me some ways I could have texted in a maybe a cooler manner and also is she just playing games with me?


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  • Just say, "hey, you still up for this Friday?" She'll reply yes or no, or whatever. Then go from there.

    • Wow so simple but yet I didn't even think of it. Oh well at least next time I'll know and that downvote was by accident and it doesn't seem I can change it.

    • No worries :). Good luck.

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