Blowing hot and cold - is he interested or not?

He keeps telling me he had a good time on our date and sends flirty messages, but when I asked him to hang out he said he had to work. he's also not asking any questions about me in texts. Like if I ask how he is, he just tells me and doesn't ask how I am. He replies instantly to all texts and not just with short answers. Like he'll send 2 or 3 texts to answer my one. I just don't get whether he's interested or not? He's blowing so hot and cold and it's confusing. Is he interested?


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  • If he is still messaging you and he said he had a good time and he is flirting, my guess is that he is still interested. Maybe he really is busy with work. Maybe ask him if he is still interested or pull back a bit and see if he asks you out again.

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