What is up with this guy?

There is a guy in my life who messages me non stop telling me how beautiful I am, how he wants to see me, etc. We used to hang out a few years ago but we ended up going our separate ways - which was more his choice, not mine. So for a couple of months he has been messaging me EVERY DAY to talk. I have been weary about moving forward with things because of what happened in the past, but since he has been so persistent for so long, I decided to give it a chance. He wanted to celebrate Valentine's with me, so I said of course and we planned to meet up. On the day we planned to meet up, he disappeared off my contact list (bbm) and I did not hear from him. I was so upset so I took some time to cool down and I sent him a text saying that I was disappointed and he didn't really say anything back, except some story about how his phone was messed up. I chose to believe him and the next day he re-added me to bbm once he got the phone fixed. But things have not been the same since. I asked him to meet up again, but he said he couldn't for various reasons and has not tried to set up a new date. He also stopped messaging as much and the tone of any conversation has completely changed. He went from hot to cold in 24 hours and I have no idea why. Its very frustrating because I have feelings for this person and I thought he felt the same, but now I don't know. I don't expect anyone to know why things have changed, but I wonder: is this a game? Am I just gullible?


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  • i wouldn't be so sure about this guy... any guy that turns hot and cold isn't stable relationship-wise and in other aspects in my book. try dating local men.