Asking her out after a rejection?

Long story short a girl and I talked for a long time but nothing happened, We stopped talking for two or three months and I started talk to her again. We went bowling out with a group of friends (nearly a month ago), which went well. She seems really receptive to me again, before we stopped talking she started ignoring me a lot. The only difference I've noticed is our conversations always seem a bit one-sided, with me doing most of the talking. Not only that, but it always seems to be focused on my life, not hers. It should be equal.

I asked her on a date (yesterday), and she said "I think it's a bad idea because I have feelings for someone else, sorry." I told her it was fine, I wasn't angry (true).

This sounds like indecisiveness to me, and I want to try again. Is it poor timing or a definite no? Later this week should I ask her again for the same date, or should I try to get our friends together and go bowling again?


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  • She was honest about her situation and you should respect that. Don't ask her again. If she is interested, she will contact you.

    Also, you may come across as desperate.

    Giving her space may also help her with making up her mind.

    And dude, find someone who puts you first, not someone who goes to you when things don't work out with another guy.


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  • It's not going to work out if she told you no once already.