He wants to be friends but the more I pull back, the more he wants to be in contact?

I have been speaking to a guy recently. All was going great. We spoke every minute of the day that we had spare time. Text constantly, spoke on the phone etc. We had our first date which was great. Had a lot in common, good chat and was really easy to get along with.

After the date he told me i was gorgeous, great girl and would love to see me again. We arranged to see each other a few days later, again still chatting, still telling me how lovely i was. However, the night before date number 2, he suddenly decided that friends would be better for us in the long run! When i asked what had changed, he couldnt give me an honest answer except, "gut" feeling.

He said that he would love to keep in touch because im a great girl and loves chatting to me. I've told myself, *maybe he's just not that into you," so I've tried to reign back a bit and the more i do, the more he chats to me.
I do get the feeling he likes me as more than a friend and can't understand why he wants a friendship.

Do I continue to go along with it, or cut him out of my life completely? I get the feeling he's enjoying being in control of the situation and keeping me where he wants to?


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  • Depends on how you feel about him. If you don't mind just talking and being friends, then cool. But if you want more and he is keeping you at an arms length, cut him off.

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