Is asking someone you have a crush on, out over the internet okay, if you suffer from social anxiety?

According to hxxp://www[dot]wikihow[dot]com/Get-a-Girlfriend, it says not to do so over, i. e., chat, but is it acceptable and still possible to be fruitful, if they know about my anxiety issues? I have Aspergers, by the way.


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  • I actually have social anxiety too and i think you should do whatever you are comfortable with. Maybe the girl/boy wouldn't mind if you asked over text. i know i wouldn't. No biggie

    • Did you just pick that now? Thank you

    • apologies for the delay.

    • Dude i don't mind at all i was just confused cuz i didn't remember this aha. Thanks again

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  • Ofcourse! It's ok and not ok cuz it depends on the individual. Every answers varies. the dating game is all about trials and errors. Eventually one will accepted.