Attracted to 2 guys at once, but…?

There are two guys that I like at the same time, but I happen to like one of them more than the other. Let's call them Bob and Tom: I like Bob better than Tom. They don't know each other, but they both seem a little bit interested in me, but so far only Tom (the one I like less) has approached me.
My question is, what if Tom asks me out? I wouldn't know what to say since I like Bob, but I am kind of attracted to Tom too - just not as much. Does this make sense? Does anyone know what this is like? What did you do?


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  • I had this problem and it didn't end nice. I pushed "Tom" to the side for "bob" and at the end "bob" found someone else and "Tom" moved on :/.

    Not saying you'll have the same experience (fingers crossed).

    • Ohhh…. so sorry to hear that! :(
      I actually considered that scenario.
      I suppose I should say yes to Tom if he were to ask me out, yes?
      What if Bob were to ask me out after Tom does? Is it okay to date 2 guys at once?

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    • One last thing, if you're dating two people at once, do you let them know?

    • I do. I tell them that I'm testing the waters before I fully commit.

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