Is there a good time limit to wait between dating?

I recently broke up with my boyfriend. It was a pretty clean break up. He liked me way more than I liked him. We're not at the same place in our lives and I just think it's better we're just friends. Before we started dating I was talking to this other guy. We got along so well. When I started dating then we pretty much stopped, but since the breakup we have talked daily. He said he want's to get to know me more and we have a date set up. Is there a certain time limit I should wait before dating again or even going on a date? Just out of respect for me ex? I don't know how this works. It was my first relationship. Any ideas are appreciated. Thanks!


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  • If you do date him, just don't commit. Plus not only will your ex be suspicious, but this new guy may think you're using him as rebound or to make your ex jealous.

    • I'm definitely not doing that. I would never want to hurt either of them. I already told him he wasn't a rebound.

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  • A few weeks minimum so he doesn't get too upset

    • It's been a month so far

    • Yea it's probably getting to the point it's getting ok to slowly do it... he'll be upset regardless, but a month is getting to the point he should start looking himself even if he wanted to