Guy is acting weird aloof yet still wants to seem me?

I've been dating this guy for around a month. I get along with him he's very confident and attractive. Whats weird thought is that he has never kissed me. He also never hugs me at the start and at the end of dates. We slept in the same bed twice, the first time we cuddled but he still didn't kiss me. Our last date we had a movie date at my house, we still slept in the same bed yet he didn't kiss me and this time he didn't even cuddle me. When the morning came i told him my parents were coming home in an hour. He quickly got dressed and left without even looking or hugging me:s I was confused so i texted him later why he left the way he did and why he didn't cuddle. He answered
''my bad and we were already stuck as it is in your bed lol :p'' I didn't text him for the next day and he wrote an apology for the way he left... He then asked me to do something but i was confused and asked what his intentions were considering things seem to be regressing. He said that he likes spending time with me and how i am but wants to take stuff slowly because of stuff that happened in the past and to trust him. He tells me hell come pick me up the next night a my friends party so we could sleep together. I tell him to text me the next day. The next day he texts me to forget it since the drive is to long from his to my friends house and back... he said i could come over to his with my car the Saturday night instead... at this point i was confused and didn't answer.. He then texts to forget about Saturday night since his night with his friends last longer than he expected.

Why is he acting like this:S


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