Me and this guy both like each other he's dating someone but its not going well and he says they dont talk or see each other what should I do?

He doesn't want a serious relationship rite now and I don't neither since we barely know each other but I did tell him that I would want a serious relationship if we get to that point. We talk at work (we work in different departments/areas) and he text me almost everyday. He would text what's up sexy. Am I wasting my time or what should I do for him to want me dating wise?


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  • You should wait for him to decide if he wants to date you or keep dating the other girl. If he takes too long to decide, then you're wasting your time and should move on.


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  • So he's got one girl he's not commited to, while telling another girl he wants to be in her life also not commited to her. You picked a good one. Good luck 👍

    • That's not answering my question what should I do to want him to date me instead of her?

    • Personally, id walk away. I'm not second choice, or the other girl, or waiting on a guy to be commited. Either I'm the first choice, the only girl and he's 100% down or I'm out.
      Every girl is different though, some girls don't mind this situation... It happens, but like 99.9% of the time, she gets hurt.