I want him so bad it hurts... why? What is causing this new feeling?

There's this guy, I think he's flirting with me, and might actually like me, but he hasn't said so. I mean he's everything at I've ever wanted, sweet, hilarious, same lifestyle, we agree on everything, we can be serious, and at least I'm attracted to him physically, his looks are just a bonus.
But I want him to ask me out and for us to actually be a couple, for real, a long lasting couple. I can't get him off my mind, I find myself thinking about him24/7 literally, I can't even sleep without him appearing in my dreams. My belly always feels all twisted and a mess when I think of him, I get butterflies, and I've never felt this way about anyone ever.
All of my past crushes are nothing compared to this, and I feel like I'm obsessed. I just want "us" so bad.
And I know I won't have the nerve to ask him out because we have to work together on a project for the next 2 months, and let's face it, that would be so awkward if he doesn't feel the same, and honestly I'd be crushed if he doesn't like me.


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  • Do you like feeling like this though, and not know if he likes you? either way if he doesn't like its going to suck. but if he does it would make you really happy right?

    you are working on a project together right?, so you have his number?
    just text him and ask if he wants to have lunch

  • I know how you feel with not wanting it to be awkward. Unfortunately, I messed up really badly when I was in a similar situation. It's going to kill you and you're going to hit a point where you think "well, I'll feel better once he knows, and he'll probably like me back anyway." This isn't always the case and that's where I screwed up.

    You're going to need to look for signs, based on his personality.
    If he's normally outgoing, he'll probably be quite shy around you, but don't overlook this. If he's shy around all girls, he's just shy around girls in general.
    If he's normally shy yet he makes a point to talk to you, and during the project makes small talk, he might have interest in you. But importantly, you need to vent this out to someone (someone you don't know personally, or they could ruin it for you). If you don't vent, you might rush into the situation and ruin it for yourself. Take it slowly and resist any temptation to tell him or any one of your friends.


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