I forgot all about Lyfe Jennings, but he really helped me to consider the consequences of things. 2 really good songs! Like the message he put out?

Statistics by Life Jenning


SEX by Lyfe Jennings


Lyrics for Statistics:

25% of all men are unstable
25% of all men can't be faithful
30% of them don't mean what they say
and 10% of the remaining 20 is gay

That leaves you a 10% chance of ever finding your mate
That means you better pay attention to these words that I say
I'm gonna teach you how expose the 90%
and show you what to do to keep the other 10.

Don't be a booty call
If he don't respect you girl he gon forget you girl

If he's in a relationship
If he will cheat on her that means he will cheat on you

Tell him that you're celibate
And if he wants some of your goodies he gon have to work for it

Be the person you wanna find
Don't be a nickel out here lookin' for a dime


15% of all men got a complex
15% of all men don't practice safe sex
20% of them come from homes without a father
and there's a 50/50 chance that you'll marry a coward
Lyrics for Sex:

Now see most cats, would take advantage of you right now
But I ain't gone do that yo
Imma give you the game, right
Imma give it to you because
I would want somebody to give my little girl the game
When she done found her S. E. X.

Life’s a trip
Virgin just turned 17 and finally got some hips
Hustlers on the block go crazy when you lick ya lips
But they just want relation
They don’t want relationship
(welcome to the real world)
It ain’t the same
Fellas old enough to be ya daddy know ya name
Everybody's talking’ ‘bout how much that girl done changed
Can’t quite put ya finger on it
But you feelin’ strange
Like it's fire in your veins

Girl it’s just your
S. E. X.
Mama's secret
And daddy gone go crazy when he finds out that his baby’s found her
S. E. X.
Take a deep breath
And think before you let it go (let it go)

I'm not downing men. I love most of em. I just thought these songs helped me out in life.
These really are good songs! Spread the word


Most Helpful Girl

  • Lol nice 👍

    • Did the message he put out there effect how you feel?

    • a lot of it I knew, like I've never really given shitty guys the time of day so I've never been hurt by a guy, i can smell crap a mile off, but I really like the message alot! I try to tell friends sometimes so they won't get hurt, but I can never say it properly haha, so I'll be sending them these songs soon :) he puts it much better than I do.

    • Glad You Like It :D

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