Calling ALL the ladies... How do you know if he's the one?

I'm constantly thinking about it, please give insight on to know if he's the one, especially if you already found "him". I just don't know honestly. ANYTHING would be helpful.


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  • When he takes what you have seriously.

    I knew mine was the one when I realized he was trying to be my partner and not just my lover. He works with me not against me or just for himself. When we have our off days, we are there for eachother, we don't take it personally, we just focus on making it better for one another.

    A relationship takes work and who ever said it was easy is wrong. It's hard and takes both you working together to make it work But it shouldn't destroy you. A relationship should make both you stronger and better people. Be eachother's rocks.

    If he is overly stubborn and selfish to the point where you are physically and mentally tired. It's time to open your eyes and see if he is really the one.


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  • he is the first one to know any good news i have. plus he makes me a better person, and i always excited to see him. xD everytime im around him, i get super nervous :)
    but i knew he was the one by how he treated me and how open he was to receive me physically and mentally.

  • my heart keep beating fast when thinking about him. he always give attention to me, he meet my family, feel comfortable when together.

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