Why is it so intriguing to him?(sex) also sexting question?

I've been seeing this man. It turns out he is just a friends with benefits . At first i wasn't ok. But decided to go with it. I just found out he told someone he isn't sexually attracted to me. Because I a little too chubby for him.. but Im pretty. But I turn him on because the thought of corrupt ing me turns him on because Im am a religious girl. I know its wrong. He is very sexual. I think i am going to break it off though. But the thing is he was going to share our text messages. He is the first I ever sexted with. No nudes just words. But Im mortified that he would do that. Can you really be identified in text messages? Also your thoughts on sleeping with the pretty chubby chic. Lol


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  • If she is alittle chubby I can deal, as long as there is effort to stay healthy. Also sext messages don't mean anything, he shows a douchebag friend the response would be like " brah, dude, you read fifty shades? Gay brah"

    • I've lost a lot of weight. I even ran a marathon. But i am still losing. Thanks. Just scared of the text messages. Lol

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    • I meant that I was the last one to finish.

    • If you click or choose my name there should be an option to message. You may have to paste the photo.

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  • He has no respect for you. End it.