Should I text her back?

met this girl for a casual hookup even though i let it be known that i was looking for more. didn't go as she initiated since i was too drunk (passed out in the taxi eventually). and initiating she was at the end.

next day the text is very friendly and enthusiastic.
i propose that we meet again, and get an energetic reply on some meeting ideas on her part while also being reinforced that she's not for dating.
i say that a friend is all i need at the moment, and we finally agree on a meeting event. then i say let me know what day works for you, and only get a reply that she'll let me know.
asks that if i'm free most of the nights (since we're both freelancers) so i say yes, and she says she'll let me know, good night. and that's the end.
this was 3 days ago with no contact from the either side.

should i reply back about a potential day?

or was i flaked off already?

well i did let on that i was fine with just being friends. but yes, she should have definitely set a day, right?

so not much chance of hearing back from her at this point?


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  • Glad to see that guys also analyse every interaction the way we do. I thought that was just a girl thing. Sounds like the moment has passed for her. Don't text her. Ball is in her court.


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  • Pick a day and ask her if she is free. If she is, great. If not, then forget it.

  • Maybe she might be interested in someone else or maybe she changed her mind, because you intended you wanted more then a hook up and she didn't?


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