I just wanted to say out loud I feel bad?

So lately I gain some weight and obviously that had made lose my chances of a relationship even more, my insecurities is still my biggest problem, but the extra weight is not helping, I'm finally getting rid off it, I done it before so I know how to do it again, and that's why is working, but it will take long before I lose it again.

Last time I lost it I manage to get female friends and that was cool, not a girlfriend because I was insecure still, but female friends was better than nothing, since I gain the weight I lost those friends as well.

Today I find out that the only person I used to like at work is leaving, she put her 2 weeks notice, I used to like other girls but they all left already as well. So now for the first time in my life I will be working in a place where I don't like anybody, which I guess can be a good thing.

But since I don't have a social life, at least not one that I like, all my male friends are bad with girls as well, she leaving feels like a big deal, not because I had a hope to ever date her, I know she would never do it, she was nice with me, but she would never do that. But at least seeing her once in a while when our schedules collide for a few minutes was cool because I enjoyed talking to her for those minutes.

Now I have no girl I like to even talk to anymore, it is depressing. I guess I have nothing else to do but to wait to lose the weight and see if that brings me some new female interactions once again. I had a lot of those when I lost the weight a year ago.

And yeah I'm still looking forward for that day when I will finally be in a actual relationship, it's been almost 10 years, and it would be cool to experience one as an adult.


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  • Venting is important. Sometimes we feel better saying what we feel to total strangers who will never meet us. Focus on losing that weight and just act with confidence in everything you do, even if you are insecure as hell. Fake that confidence until you actually have it. Try tinder, you can meet a lot of girls there and become friends.

  • Just remember that you could get into a terrible relationship... wishing you were alone...